Make Failure Impossible

Dump Goals, Find Purpose

A few years ago I read something that finally explained why I had always been uncomfortable with the whole “goal setting” thing.

For years I had been reading advice on writing goals down, sticking them on post-its to my mirror, building my “success-scrapbook” or whatever.

None of it felt good.

Then I read about the problems with goals;

  1. We tend to postpone satisfaction and happiness until the goal is achieved. I’ll be happy when . . .
  2. What do you when the goal is done? The race winner, match scorer is a hero until the next race/game.
  3. We don’t feel good when we fail.

Consider finding your purpose; why you exist; your ongoing contribution to the world (or at least a little bit of it).

Imagine knowing why you are here; having a path to follow; a purpose to it all.

Some benefits?

  1. Never having to sink into a glass wondering what it is all about.
  2. The buzz of waking up every morning and having clarity on why.
  3. What to do becomes crystal clear. Things either serve your purpose, or not.
  4. What used to be onerous goals to be strived for become simply task to be done to serve your purpose; they have a greater meaning and a lasting contribution.
  5. The meaning of tasks, whether you enjoy them or not, changes as you realise that you need to do what will serve your purpose, not just what is easy.

And most of all, like the ship crossing the ocean, constantly pushed off course by wind, tide, current, storms and making corrections to stay on course (purpose);

You cannot fail, you just continue to serve your Purpose.

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