How to get your boss to help you

As an executive coach I have helped thousands of managers, at all levels in companies over the years, to add coaching skills to their toolkit. They all prove they can do it and go back to work enthusiastic to apply the new skills.

Yet there is an interesting challenge for them. How to get ongoing support in applying and improving their skills.

Yes we provide implementation services, and yes we provide ongoing free support through an alumni activity, but the day to pressures of business, travel, client meeting etc can make it difficult to schedule those sessions and make sure you get the help when you need it.

A reality they often comment on is that their direct boss has not always acquired the same coaching skills, the nature of training rollouts across a large company mean this will happen. So how do you get coaching support from your boss?

Easy. Think back to what you learned about coaching. It is the process of making someone think. And in the organisation we coach for behavioural change. What you really need from your boss is for them to listen to your ideas on what you plan to do differently. Challenge and help you validate your thinking, and then gently but firmly hold you accountable to actually doing it. Touching base with you frequently to check on how it is going.

To get this help you can use a pull process. Simply document your ideas using the learning journal in TheCoachingApp, then click the button to email it to your boss with a request that they talk to you soon and help validate your thinking, then touch base each week to see how it is going. Trust me, they know how to do that. You have learned to think, you just need them to show up , listen, and ask a few challenging questions.

Check out this 30 second Profitable Leadership video guide to ways you can use TheCoachingApp to build a coaching culture in your organisation, or organisations you work with. If you have ideas or experience with new ways to utilise the app please add into the comments below. Your idea may get turned into a new “Ways To Use video”

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