Coaching Mastery and the art of flying

The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or H2G2 as aficionados call it, is one of the best comic science fiction series in the history of British humour, it is certainly the best five book trilogy ever written. (If you haven’t read it, do so this week.)

Arthur Dent, one of the main characters, is stranded for a time on prehistoric earth. Bored, he finally decides to learn to fly. After many bruising attempts he gives it one more go. As he launches himself off, something distracts him and much to his surprise he finds he is flying.

When not asked later, Arthur repeatedly explains, to all those who are not listening, that the secret is “To throw yourself at the ground, and miss it.”

Mastery in coaching is a bit like that. You spend years learning and practicing techniques, and eventually discover you have to let go. Stop trying to apply technique. Trust your subconscious. Everything you have learned is still in there.

When you relax and listen from your subconscious it with faithfully supply the right question or challenge or observation.

So throw yourself at the ground; and miss it.

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