Father’s advice, improved.

Many years ago I heard the phrase “Live every day as if it were your last, for one day it will be.” I like the sentiment, but it didn’t fit really comfortably. Maybe a connection to the reactions we saw from some people in the movie “Seeking a friend for the end of the world.” [...]

Make Failure Impossible

Dump Goals, Find Purpose A few years ago I read something that finally explained why I had always been uncomfortable with the whole “goal setting” thing. For years I had been reading advice on writing goals down, sticking them on post-its to my mirror, building my “success-scrapbook” or whatever. None of it felt good. Then [...]

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Ice Cream and Matrix Management

Mummy and Daddy need to talk. The Ice Cream. It was a warm Sunday afternoon in England. One of those rare ones, where summer seemed to get it’s head around what is was supposed to be like. I was slobbed out on the sofa watching F1. My favourite sport, and nothing gets in the way [...]

3 Things I learned from Einstein

1. Simplicity At school I was always puzzled by the quote “Everything should be simplified as much as possible, and no more.” What on earth did it mean? How would you know when you had got to “No More”? Gradually I realised what he was saying. When you correctly analyse something to it’s simplest components, [...]

Leadership and the art of shaving

I never get up and just go to the office. My days start with; An executive coaching session. A group coaching session. A group leadership workshop. A meeting with a potential new client, Or a project planning meeting with an existing client. And the rest of the day will be packed with more sessions, meetings [...]